Terms of use

www.epas.gr (the company) is the B2B online shop for exhibition and promotion of products concerning security systems in the internet.

Before you enter our on line shop, please advise these terms of use and conditions that refer specially to the use of our company's on line shop www.epas.gr.

Make sure you agree to the following terms and conditions because further use in our web site www.epas.gr necessitates your approval and agreement with them.


The company has the right to change or refresh these terms and conditions according to her needs. The company is obligated to inform the users for any modifications as for any alteration, through the web site.

Information & Products

The company is committed to the quality, the completeness and the validation of the information that gives in the web site www.epas.gr concerning the exact details given as the services, under the reserve of any misprint, or technical difficulties that cannot be forecasted or have come up involuntarily or because of force majeure.

Responsibility restriction

The company is not responsible to the customers / users for the damage that may come up concerning the procedure of the order (apart from the "Product Return, Product Guarantee").

Also reserves the right concerning delivery time of the products, when there are matters under force majeure. The on line shop www.epas.gr has no guarantee over the availability of the products, but we guarantee that we will inform you on time when a product is not available.

Under no circumstances the company is responsible for any law or civil demands or penalties or any damages from any visitors of the web site for any cause that concerns the function or/and the use of the web site or/and in case of lack of service supply or/and information that are given from him or/and any forbidden interference by third parties in products or/and services or/and information that are given.

Pneumatic Rights

This web site is the official online shop of this company. All the content of this web site, including images, graphics, photos, schedules, script, service supply and products consists of pneumatic ownership of the company and are protected by the relevant arrangements of the Greek law, the European law and the international charters.

Any copyright analogic / digital, distribution, transfer, downloading, change, resale, creation of job opportunities, deception or manipulation of people concerning the real supplier of the content of the web site is forbidden. Any of the above or reissue, spread or transmission, announcement or other use of the content by any means for purposes of trade or other is only permitted under the company's agreement, or any other legal owner of pneumatic rights.


The names, pictures, logos that represent the company or/and the on line shop www.epas.gr or/and the third parties that keep up with them, as the products and services are exclusive logos of the company or/and the www.epas.gr or/and the third parties and are protected by the Greek, communal and international laws for trade logos and industrial and pneumatic ownership. At any case the show up and exhibition of them in the web site www.epas.gr and the on line shop of the company should by no means be understood as transmission or assignment or permission of their use.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

When you enter www.epas.gr so as to order a product or to communicate us, it is possible to be asked to give some details (name, birth date, occupation e.t.c.). These personal data are exclusively for this service and are not allowed to be used by third parties, without considering the law for personal data procession.

www.epas.gr functions according to the Greek law and reserves with safety your personal data for the whole time you remain in our web site and you can erase them whenever you wish. The personal data you submit are only used from us or cooperated companies and only for purposes of supporting you and your transaction.

Buying Products

In our B2B online shop you can find electronic security systems.

To make easy your quest, we have our products in categories. Every category has subclasses, that appear on the left of your screen. In case you look for something specific, you can use the "search" button, which will lead you directly to your specific choice.

If you are interested in any of our products you should request your registration at our site. Due to the philosophy of the store as B2B, the company will process your registration request and if accepted then you will be able to see the prices of the products as well as more information about the products you are interested in.

The company makes every possible try to give you best quality services but is not responsible for any mistakes in prices and products characteristics and cannot ensure that there won't be any pauses in the web site's function or "human" mistakes at the update / record of a product price. For your buying safety we please you to refer it if you see that a product has an unusual low or high price before you continue with your buying, to our customer service +30 801 700 7720 or through our e-mail.

Products Return

(a) Return of a mistaken product

In case the product will be delivered to you is not the one you have ordered, you can return it to us within ten (10) days from the delivery date, in our address: 146 Pierion str. 59200 Veria, Greece.

If you want to return the product because of mistaken product, you must contact the company before returning whether you can return the product to us or if the expiry date has expired. If we accept a return of the mistaken product, epas will notify you by phone or e-mail of the return process.

The mistaken product return is acceptable only if the product remains in its new condition, the package has not been opened or sealed, is not filthy or damaged, or it is not at any condition beyond its new one.

After we receive the mistaken product and we certify that it completes all the above conditions, we will procceed directly to its replacement with the right one. In this case the transfer cost relays on our company.

(b) Cancel of an Order

You can cancel an order in these cases:

Before you execute your order, you can push the "Cancel" button. By clicking it you automatically interrupt your order procedure.

If you have fulfilled your order but we haven't sent the product yet, you can call at +30 801 700 7720 and one of our cooperators will deal with your order cancel.

Orders already shipped will be charge a 15% restocking fee plus shipping charges.

Ways of payment

Pay on delivery

The products of your order are shipped by courier and you pay the price at the time of receipt.

Bank account deposit

You can deposit your order money into one of the accounts by choosing the Bank that facilitates you.

Shipping of an Order

We send the orders within two (2) working days beginning form the order day. E-pas does not send orders in the weekend. So, orders made on Friday will be sent on Monday morning.

Orders for shipment outside the E.U. are subject to additional handling charges, higher shipping rates, and applicable customs, duties, and taxes, all of which are the responsibility of the customer.

Ways of shipping

The company can service customers in the whole world. The shipping costs vary depending on the weight and the capacity of the products. E-pas cooperates with TNT courier.

Additionally, you have the ability of choosing your own courier. In this case you are responsible for all the shipping costs. Your order pick-up from your own courier will be exclusively from our offices under your request. For avoiding mistakes and misunderstood in this case epas will contact you by telephone.


Epas will inform you over the availability of the products and if you agree it will proceed with the shipment of your order.

Products Guarantee

E-pas provides guarantee for products good function for 12 months’ time from the purchase date. To be valid you should attach the authentic invoice or the receipt.

Damage from any accident, neglection, disaster, bad use, electricity alteration or any interference from any person unauthorized, beyond our company is not covered by guarantee.

Please be aware that many products warranties do not provide coverage outside the E.U. and some products may not be exported under any circumstances due to manufacturers restrictions or International law. Epas makes no representations regarding warranty coverage, compatibility, or serviceability for products that are used outside the E.U.