iCylider Electronic Lock

Η τροφοδοσία γίνεται με μπαταρίες AA που καλύπτουν έως και 30.000 ανοίγματα αλλά και 100 επιπλέον ανοίγματα αφότου εμφανιστεί η προειδοποίηση χαμηλής τάσης.

ICylinder electronic lock made of stainless steel, suitable for airports, hotels, hospitals, schools, etc. Simple configuration and easy use with i-Card or mechanical key.

Key cards are created by the management card which is unique and not copied. The management card can add or delete a user. The lock is designed to operate with or without Software. Power is provided with AA batteries covering up to 30,000 openings and 100 additional openings after the low voltage warning is displayed.