Epas is launching a new B2B online store concept that deals with the supply of electronic security systems in stores, hotels, offices and showrooms. The company has many years of successful experience in this field.


Our goal is to cover the full range of security needs in the objects

- Protecting your products from shoplifting,

- Access Control of your space and your belongings,

- Visitor Count,

- Information about your customers' interest in selling products.

Epas promotes substantial benefits to the customer. Such as,

-High quality products. The main concern of epas is to offer the most reliable products in order all its customers to remain completely satisfied with their choice and thus to feel that they enjoy high quality security. For that reason, the company has chosen partnerships with manufacturing companies that can offer reliable products. In addition, all the products it selects are tested and tested before they reach the end consumer.

-Innovation -Technological progress. We are following the latest trends in order to provide you with the latest technology solutions. We love finding new smart - innovative ideas for your safety.

-The most competitive prices. In order to offer the best prices in the market, epas managed to reduce the cost of its products. This competitive advantage is achieved by the direct imports of its products from Europe and Asia.